Find and clear potentially damaging social media posts

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fits in with my philosophy on privacy - "i want everything to be recorded but then heavily edited on my terms"
Interesting story on why the @czahor made this: “After graduating college, I moved to West Hollywood to study improv comedy at The Groundlings. I used my Twitter feed to test material, all of which was humorous and well-intended within the context of my community. Several years and career changes later, after having success in the startup world and battling Lyme disease, I landed my dream job: CTO of Jeb Bush's political operations. Unfortunately, my Twitter feed was unearthed, spun completely out of context to make me appear as someone I am certainly not, and I lost my job. I created Clear to make sure situations like mine never happen to anyone ever again.”
@czahor @bramk crazy story... signed up just to support!
PRO TIP: Don't post (or let people post) anything online that you wouldn't want your mom to see.
Thanks for the feature, Product Hunt! I'd love to know how you think we can make Clear a better product.
@czahor ...I don't know what the product actually is.
@mzuvella you can find out now, because I just approved you from the waitlist!
@czahor Thanks! I'll check it out.
@czahor not a bad wait list you have there...congrats
@czahor Interesting concept. Would you mind providing a few more details on the approach and the role of Watson here? How does this work for images?
@johnstrumbos Sure. Watson tells us if any piece of text is overly positive or negative, and which words contribute to that. It's a simple API. All the magic is on their end. No image scanning yet, but that'll probably happen soon.
@johnstrumbos @czahor I can understand that "shit" "fuck" and other slang generate alerts, but "teammate" ? 85% ? :D