CleanMyMac X

Keep your Mac clean, fast, and secure in two clicks.

#1 Product of the MonthSeptember 2018

CleanMyMac X is the 10th anniversary edition of CleanMyMac, a native macOS tool that daily cleans one million Macs worldwide. The app does all the essential housekeeping on a Mac: deletes tons of junk and malware, and makes a computer faster and more organized. You can use CleanMyMac X to manage storage, apps, and monitor the health of your Mac.

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  • Millie Lin
    Millie LinProduct Designer

    Nice visual design


    Expensive for the 1 year subscription

    I've purchased the CleanMyMac 3. I've tried CleanMyMac X and found the differences are about the performance, UI design and melware detection. I don't think it worth to purchase the new subscription plan.

    Millie Lin has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, very beautiful and just awesome. As always :)


    No cons.

    You will like it. 100% sure

    Oleg Mamchich has used this product for one day.
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kosovanMaker@kosovan · CEO, MacPaw Inc.
Hey Product hunters! 10 years ago I developed the very first CleanMyMac. Back then, I had no idea that it will change my life, mark the beginning of MacPaw, and become the most popular Mac cleaning utility among millions of users worldwide. Today, I’m extremely thrilled to launch CleanMyMac X which is X times faster, sleeker and smarter. Our team has packed the latest CleanMyMac with new useful features, tons of improvements and wrapped it in a mind-blowing interface to transform a boring system cleanup into a fun and thrilling experience. Enjoy the power of X and let us know what you think!
Julia Petryk
Julia PetrykMaker@ua_philka · PR Manager, MacPaw
@kosovan This new CleanMyMac X marks a new era of Mac utilities! Thrilled to be a part of this app evolution. Xcellent job, my beloved MacPaw!
Ahmad Awais ⚡
Ahmad Awais ⚡@mrahmadawais · 🥑 OSS Dev Advocate & WordPress Core Dev
@kosovan 👏superb work.
@kosovan I really love it. Updated Immediately! Keep up the great work!
Randi Barry
Randi Barry@randibarry · Co-Founder drophook App & Nautic Nomad
@kosovan Great work thank you for building this incredible product I use it daily!
Exequiel Rozas
Exequiel Rozas@_erozas · Developer
@kosovan I've been a long time user of CleanMyMac. Congratulations on the quality of the product. I remember the first time I used your product I thought that it was like the bloated and malwareish products that existed on the Windows ecosystem but I was so wrong. I'm glad for the continuous development of CleanMyMac. I will be buying this. Thanks
Dmitry Novikov
Dmitry NovikovMaker@dmitry_novikov · Designer, MacPaw Inc.
Hey, Product Hunters! As a CleanMyMac X designer, I’m really proud with the app! With smart and self-learning algorithms under the hood, the app stays incredibly simple on the outside. There are fluid live-like animations and a plethora of visual metaphors surrounding the process of cleaning. Atmospheric themes which flow into one another, subtle shapes and sounds — everything to keep you glued to the screen while you are optimizing your Mac. CleanMyMac X is what you get when industrial design thinking breaks into the software utility world. What do you guys think of the new design of CleanMyMac X?
Aleksandra@aleks_muse · Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
@dmitry_novikov Really love the news design and interface! 😻
Sergey Zapuhlyak
Sergey Zapuhlyak@zsergey · Indie Game Developer, CNTR
@dmitry_novikov It looks freshly!
Dave Poly
Dave Poly@davepoly · Building Huge Marvel geek.
@dmitry_novikov the UI looks awesome. Great job.
Melnik Dmitriy
Melnik DmitriyMaker@melnyk_dmytro · Product Manager
Here is what’s new in CleanMyMac X version: - Completely reimagined interface which makes cleaning fun and stylish. - Improved scan speed. CleanMyMac X performs scan 3 times faster compared to CleanMyMac 3. - Malware detection and removal. Now CleanMyMac takes care of your Mac’s security by cleaning it from dangerous and malicious files. - Personalized suggestions. The new Assistant module provides recommendations on how to clean up and speed up your Mac fast. - Reinvented Menu App. More useful information to take actions on. Cheers!
Ton@t55 · Mac'aholic
@melnyk_dmytro Terrific new version! Great new features as well. Can the Malware detection and removal be automated? And are the Malware definitions updated regularly?
Melnik Dmitriy
Melnik DmitriyMaker@melnyk_dmytro · Product Manager
@t55 Hi and thank you! Currently, Malware detection works as scan on demand module with regular definitions updates. We are considering developing realtime automated detection and removal scanner in the future.
Dima Kerpov
Dima KerpovMaker@dima_kerpov · Product Manager, MacPaw Inc.
According to our research, there are a lot of non-pro users who need help when maintaining their Macs. With this in mind, we’ve built a totally new, simple experience. You’ll be surprised at how stunningly fast and intuitive the new CleanMyMac X is.
Aleksandra@aleks_muse · Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
A great update to my favorite app. The new interface is amazing! Congrats on the launch to the team and keep up the great work! 🎉
Eugene Kalnyk
Eugene KalnykMaker@yevheshko · PR Specialist, MacPaw
@aleks_muse Thank you so much, Aleksandra! We're super glad that you liked the new CleanMyMac X!