Automatically cleans your cluttered Mac desktop, every day

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2015

Clean your desktop with one click or set it to clean automatically every day.


* Clean desktop manually

* Start agent and just enjoy nice, cleaned desktop

* Group files into folders by month, or by day

* Setup how often you want your desktop cleaned (every day or every week)

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I haven't seen my desktop in so long, always got an app running. Do people still use their desktops for anything other than temporary storage?
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@blainehatab I think you mean "deskbottom", because no.
Hey guys, I wrote Clean just for fun back in the day. So funny its icon is default wallpaper X version ago. Anyway, I didn't bother with update expecting Sandboxing not allowing it do what it does in a user friendly way. I need to automatically move items from Desktop to a location in filesystem. I think sandbox would annoy users with open dialogs and I'm not even sure a path can be allowed permanently. Otherwise I would update it in a heartbeat - it's a day of work and I just learned you can make a bit of cash with a simple text ad. (Have those in my new free app - Pomodoro One). Anyway thanks for all the upvotes and drop me a line if you wanna chat.
Great idea but ... last update 21 April 2011!! Not something i would install.
@fotofactorydk updated 2011 - and still works!
@fotofactorydk Checkout our App Declutter Just Launched not just hides the files but actually creates smartfolder and automatically keeps your desktop organised
i've been using this for over 2 years, it's the best app ever, basically runs a super simple automator script, and thats why there is no need for an update. It's genius. Simple but so powerful. keeps track of my days, all the stuff I work on that doesn't get organized or has somewhere to live, simply gets archived by folders with month and date on them, then backedup wirelessly onto my main local storage + DB. Always a blank desktop every morning, so damn Zenlike
Interesting idea. I just delete files that have been on my desktop for several days, because if they were actually important I would have dealt with them. Mostly screenshots anyway!
@lachlanjc You can actually change your default screenshots location: I found this a couple of months ago, and my desktop has never been tidier!