Classroomies v2.0

Listen to & discuss the best talks with peers in real-time.

Classroomies is perfect for those who listen to podcasts or talks while they’re working or commuting.
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Thanks so much for the hunt @jasondainter! The goal of Classroomies is to reinvent education for the internet. V1.0 of Classroomies was a small prototype built around educational Youtube videos. However, the community took the product into a different direction, using it during work/while commuting/even during actual university classes because the in-person lecturer was too boring. With v2.0 we've completely rebuilt everything from scratch and shifted to audio-based education. By listening and learning together, I hope to bring a more social learning experience to the web, for all to enjoy.
@Jibly, what did you learn from Classroomies V1.0 and what are your plans with this new release of Classroomies?