Teach or find classes you're passionate about.

This platform lets you teach whatever you're passionate about to others in your city.
For all the platforms out there, we realized that discovering and comparing the offering around us was tedious so we launched Classalog to solve this!
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8 Reviews4.4/5
Clean Interface, fast and easy to use
I got to get affordable French class! Yay!
Hey all! We're looking for feedback after our initial launch in SF! So far, teachers love our platform as this is a niche that isn't filled yet. But we're still working on our SEO for helping students find these classes. Any suggestions for SEO building for a platform? The stack is Next.js/React – thanks to the creators! :)
Simple, easy sign up for teachers, profile up and running in a minute.
Nicely done, simple to use, and appealing class selection
@casavva Thank you, Keith! We're looking to improve the flows so they're even easier – let us know if you have any suggestions!