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Seamless communication for students and teachers

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Class Updates provides a way for students and teachers to stay connected by receiving important notifications on class cancellations, delays, or other important announcements. Great for Emergency notifications, field trip communication, reminders, last minute changes and information that a teacher needs to communicate right away in real time.

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  • Richart Ruddie
    Richart RuddieInternet Entrepeneur who makes cool stuf

    Seamless to use and requires no training


    Great for Students and Faculty but not so much if you're outside of the education field.

    Seems to be the tool most teachers and students want without the cost and training that other ed-tech softwares require.

    Richart Ruddie has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    User friendliness



    Love it

    Javier Sanchez has used this product for one week.
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Billy P. Jones
Billy P. Jones@billypjones · Broward College
This product is great. I highly recommend it. It's better than most premium products available to education institutions. Try it today!
Temante Leary
Temante LearyMaker@temante · President & CEO at Class Updates
@billypjones We appreciate your feedback Professor Jones. Most premium products available to education also come at a cost, sometimes a substantial one. We are glad to offer our app FREE for everyone to use. Please introduce Class Updates app to your colleagues at Broward College!
Temante Leary
Temante LearyMaker@temante · President & CEO at Class Updates
Hello Product Hunters! Thanks for checking out Class Updates! Our mission is to connect teachers and students in real time so students can receive important notifications on things like class cancellations, delays, and other important announcements. We have already launched the app and it is currently being used by students and teachers already. The feedback thus far has been great. Our plan is to continue to onboard more schools and we're excited to hear your feedback. Feel free to ask any questions here, and thanks for @mdorsett for hunting us! - Temante