Free city-based icon sets

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Who doesn't like icons, and free ones too! The collection of city based icons set, look very well done and are available in a number of different formats, depending on your needs.
Awesome, thanks for hunting @mubashariqbal
This is great!
@rueter much appreciated!
@bryntaylor99 do you plan to make one for San Francisco?
@rueter definitely — San Fran is high up on the ‘to-do’ list :-)
@bryntaylor99 @rueter Chicago? Please! Thanks for making & sharing!
@mubashariqbal thanks for making it! I just added it to my sketch library
@adamjanczewski_ I didn't make these, that's all @bryntaylor99, just hunting something very deserving!
@mubashariqbal ofc. my bad :) anyway thanks @bryntaylor99
@adamjanczewski_ you’re very welcome, glad they’re of use!