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#1 Product of the WeekJanuary 17, 2014
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This was the best app I had on my phone when I was in London. The "get me home" feature is killer.
Citymapper was a lifesaver while I was in London. Times are accurate and they display the total cost including transfer, which is fantastic.
I didn't realize it was only NYC, London and Paris and tried a few times to enter a Boston address. A good growth strategy would be to let me know you haven't launched in my city, and ask me to enter my email for an alert when you roll out in my area. It'd also be slick if you cached the Start + End locations, so that when you roll out in my city, you can personalize the launch email with the route I want to take and remind how awesome the product is.
Would love to hear what other transit apps people use? I've been using iTrans since it was one of the first interactive NYC subway map apps in the app store. Still my go to, but City Mapper does have a lot of extra features
Another transport app?! Citymapper is by far the best one I've found giving you routes/times/prices for public transport, cabs, walking or cycling. Currently only available in London, NYC and Paris though.
@_jamesmundy Now available also in Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago.