Jessica Maria Villar Fuentes
Jessica Maria Villar Fuentes reviewedCircular.ioA free open source Buffer alternative

free and simple, is better than the original


When several people use the same account things go a little weird but not big deal

Well, I am not joking: i become office hero when i found out this app. We are a small news website in a country with not press freedom, we stay open thanks to donations and else. We were using hootsuite but set a bunch of tweets in the free version took us to much time and energy. Now we post 6 times more tweets with circular and out visit were from 100 to 300+ so our hard work is not wasted.

I only open account in producthunt to thanks the creator. You have a big product in your hands and its whorty to add things like "post every X mins option" or "post like this the monday, and like this the saturday option" (yes, like in buffer, but free XD).

Thanks! you can be sure your work is helpingto make a difference in the world.