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Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the votes! Happy to answer any questions you might have right here…
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@mg so so awesome. Congrats on the launch! Looks fantastic!
@mg Sweet. I was going to hunt this, but noticed that you've hunted your own products before so I didn't. Interesting that both Circa and Flipboard have come over to the web recently. What drove the decision?
@erictwillis Appreciate that, Eric ;) I was asleep at the wheel whenever I tweeted out the link but then went back to waking up before I put it up on ProductHunt. The decision has mostly to do with the fact that we want to provide succinct and time-saving news no matter where our readers are. The web is obvious. But we also want it to be a great place to discover what Circa's all about, before you might get the idea to install the app. Since all we had before were simply permalink pages to the various stories we published there really wasn't a "discovery" experience to be had.
@mg This is so good. Not only well designed but done with an eye to journalism and instant access to the info. Love it.
@mg I was wondering when you'd release a web version of Circa. 😃 What differences have you made from the origin mobile app to adapt to the web? Are you considering adding browser push notifications, which could make a lot of sense for breaking news and following articles (e.g. Roost)?
@rrhoover Wonder no longer… It's finally here! The first big difference is that we didn't simply port over our new "Wire" feature found in Circa News 3. Actually, this is our first path towards removing that moniker and moving to a more simplified approach for our Briefings and Updates. In future versions of the Circa News apps we'll eliminate Wire and replace it with something much better and more streamlined. The web already has this built in. As far as push notifications go, that's definitely something we'd like to get in there. Because we care so much about push on the mobile it's obvious we'd do it on the web, but we want to be very thoughtful and careful about how we implement it. Shouldn't be too long now!
Is there any way to get the daily brief in email form? If not are there any plans to add this? The site looks great by the way!
@catchpowle The plans are definitely there! We want to do more with our Daily Briefing and some of those will start with the website…
@catchpowle fwiw, the mobile app has a weekly digest that is killer
Just wanted to say thanks @mg - Circa is the first app I open in the morning and has all but replaced my news consumption from other sources. The succinctness and aesthetic have completely won me over so I'm stoked to have a web version now as well.
It's worth pointing out that Flipboard just launched their web product a few weeks ago (cc @mmccue). While very different from Circa, it plays within the same space. In the past few years, there's been a disproportionate focus on mobile and while I have no data to back this up, it feels like that's shifting back to the web. Is this just me? Product Hunt began on the web (we didn't have an option, tbh) and continues to be our main focus. Only ~5% of our traffic and engagement comes from our mobile app, which launched about 6 months ago. I'm certain this percentage will shift over time but I love the flexibility of the web and frankly, it's a lot easier to find talented web folks than it is to find an iOS engineer.