Reduce your customer churn with custom cancellation flows

Churnally replaces your unsubscribe button with tailored actions and offers to help you reduce churn and learn exactly what is causing users to leave your product.
Build and fully customise your cancellation flows a simple and intuitive drag and drop UI.
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Hello and thanks for viewing Churnally! This is a project that my co-founder and I have developed initially for our own use to reduce churn at Flick. As someone who is currently heading product at another SaaS business, I know just how hard of a nut Churn can be to crack. I wanted to find a way that would allow me to collect useful feedback that would allow me to reduce churn in the long run but also combine that with effective strategies that could have an immediate impact. After doing extended research, I found out that some of the biggest SaaS and subscription companies were using cancellation flows. They way they work is when someone starts the cancellation process you ask them what has made them want to cancel. Depending on their answer, you can show them different relevant solutions that could change their mind. For example, if they say that your product is too expensive for the amount they use it, you can point them to a lower plan or offer a discount. I was so excited to implement this and rushed over to our CTO, asking him if this was something we could build. Unfortunately, although very possible, it's a very difficult task that requires tremendous dev time. Not only that, but I wanted to have full control over the flow so I could run A/B tests, add and remove cancellation reasons and change the offers that were made. Fast forward 6 months later and we finally got around to building Churnally, in the couple of months we have used Churnally, Churn has been reduced by 12% and we've collected over 2000 pieces of feedback on why people are cancelling. This has allowed the team at Flick to tweak our product roadmap to improve features, build new ones and start experimenting with different pricing plans. All this with the feedback from our own Cancellation flows. I hope you will find Churnally as exciting and useful as the team at Flick did. Our goal is to help thousands of SaaS companies understand the reasons behind people leaving and reduce churn whilst doing it. Remember, it's always easier to save customers before they churn than to reactivate them. Have a question about Churnally? I'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback, ideas, suggestions or anything else! PS: You can visit our website to see a live Demo of a simple cancellation Flow