The simplest way to ask for help and pay it forward ❤️

Chummy is an American social network of reciprocal help for kind, friendly and socially responsible people. It engages users to help each other and perform random acts of kindness daily. Like the real world Bat Signal, we unite caring individuals who enjoy paying it forward and making the world a better place. Literally 😇

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Greetings savvy Product Hunters of the world--especially @VioletaNedkova--thanks for hunting us! ;) What’s Chummy, you ask? It’s an app we made so you can get help from (and give help to) anyone, anywhere in the world, and at any time. To our knowledge, Chummy is the first “social app” to tap into the most powerful “social network” in the world--namely, the billions of people who believe in "pay-it-forward". A few talking points we’d love to discuss...feel free to improvise... Can you think of a time in the past, say, month or so where could have used Chummy? Would you use Chummy to help people near you simply out of kindness (and without monetary incentive)? Right now Chummy is non-profit. Should we stay that way, or should we monetize the app? (We have a few ideas on how to do that, but we’d love to hear your take too!) Today more than 55,000 people are using Chummy in Eastern Europe to help each other with virtually any task. Now it’s our turn to invite you to help pioneer our American community. Whether you need help in your home neighborhood, or you’re traveling in a new city, the Chummy network has you covered. Thanks for checking us out, you guys. Let’s make the world a friendlier place! Vitalii and Anton Chummy Founders
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@vitaliibetin nice idea You say: There are apps geared towards local communities (like NextDoor), and there are apps that let you pay for local help (TaskRabbit). How do you think Chummy will distinguish itself from the competition (with our global network of good deed doers)? Shouldn't you be the ones answering that question 😉 Keen to hear how you think you will distinguish yourselves in this space... especially if you were to monetise, would that make it harder to distinguish yourself? I like the idea of someone helping someone put together their IKEA furniture or something like that, but when it crosses into "what restaurant shall I go to" - doesnt that change the focus a little bit? Are you looking to host (almost) any request on the app? Or do you think it would be better having a more focused angle? Curious to see your thoughts here
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@bentossell Hi, Ben! There's somewhat of a contradiction when you try to monetize an app that's centered on charitable giving... one idea we had is to incentivize users to support local small businesses I'm pleased you like the idea of reciprocal help giving. Yes, our global mission is to host virtually any request on Chummy--anything you might consider a good deed is good enough for us. Internally we think of help requests as either "info help" or "real help," and we are thinking about implementing categories to make sure our users receive help requests that line up with their interests. There are so many people around us who can help one another even with the tiniest things, which makes it very hard to predict specific use cases.
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@vitaliibetin Allow me to go little crazy over here. Don't monetize it, create a new currency and replace the real currency with it. If basic premise of the idea is to promote kindness among population, let's imagine a world where kindness is more valued than money. Or at least as valued as money. Let's imagine a world where one does not need money to get something done or buy something. If you've done something kind in the past, that means you have reputation and that should be enough to get the work done or even buy stuff. I love this world where everyone is incentivized to help others and become wealthy by doing kind acts. Replace the currency with the kindness points. Every user starts with fix no. of points. Give points for each kind act that user does(the rate can be decided by the person who seeks help). You then trade off these points to get help from someone else. You do need to think from the economics perspective as well. The currency have to be regulated somehow. As some people say, "Money is root of all evil" :)
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@pradeep_io Wow! That's an interesting idea...I like it! Actually we do have chummy points now, they are called "thank you's" and for now they indicates how kind are you. We probably need to think about ability to exchange them on smth.
@pradeep_io @vitaliibetin I believe Simbi has already made this dream a reality:
Hey guys, I just love this idea. :) Basically, if you need help, you reach out through the app and people respond. One woman got help for her dog shelter (!!!), a man got a belt last minute before a wedding, and another woman got help hanging a picture on her wall. We need more of this in the world.
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First of all, thanks for making this! I love the concept and the execution is done really well! Especially the sign-up was a breeze and looked amazing! Only improvement I can think of is maybe not forcing the user to have their location on always. I hate apps that require this as it often drains the battery a little too much. I'd like to be able to "whitelist" certain spots where I usually am (work, home) and get notifications for these areas only. What do you think @Vitalii?
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@freekgille Thanks for your feedback! The feature of "whitelist" locations which you are talking about is one of the upcoming soon. We call it "Places", but for now to make help giving efficient and to send only updated info we need that permission. Actually we don't use it often and that doesn't have much impact on the battery comparing with other apps. Thank you again. By the way do you have any specific request categories which you would like to be notified about or you would choose all of them? we are thinking about implementing categories of help requests.
@vitaliibetin Places sounds awesome! Can't wait to download that update! Categories would be a good added feature because I'm really not able to do some things but would love to help people with other things. If there would be many requests for help on the platform, the notifications overload might make people a little unhappy. If you can target it more, that would be great. Maybe not the feature I would add just yet as it's not yet necessary and just seeing the platform being active, will give users a feeling that the app is actually booming and worth keeping.
@robertsimoes Thank you, Robert!
Love this idea. I fear it'll suffer from the same problem of momentum that so many other good ideas suffer though. Either everyone is using it or nobody is going to use it.
@punkscience If you had to bet one way or another, will it be everybody using it or nobody using it?