Chudo Virtual Spaces

Play around, meet friends, study or party with avatars!

Chudo is a social platform where you engage with avatars: play around, meet with friends, study or party. The characters are generated and animated with AI.
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@chrismessina , thank you for hunting! Hey hunters, The 2020 virus outbreak has drastically affected the global population in terms of day-to-day socializing and also work organization. To serve the market demand, we are updating Chudo, releasing virtual spaces with avatars called “Islands” as a tool for distant socializing. Engaging in one digital habitat, the avatars’ audio streams are played as expressive animations. Users can also interact with each other with personalized emotes. This MVP on mobile is allowing us to test out our avatar technologies in the 3D space and find more specific use cases for the feature. Then we’re planning to expand to new platforms (Oculus, possibly desktop) and tackle specific use cases for virtual gatherings. 🙏 We would appreciate the PH community to share thoughts and ideas on what use cases we should tackle (e.g. virtual concerts, classrooms). You are welcomed to leave your comments below.
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Love that Chudo generates avatars with AI. I've never come across anything like this feature in any other product. Great work, keep it up 🌟
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This is pretty cool. Looks like I can have my next team meeting through your platform. Wondering if I should go with mustache or beard!
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@kirillgoryunov Thanks! Yep, our morning calls moved from Slack to Chudo. It is a very different experience.
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Great idea @gabrelyanov, love this! Think it would be even better in VR with a fully immersive experience.
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@mikhailnaumov I agree with you! In fact, it’s in our plans to expand to new platforms including the VR ones (Oculus, Apple AR device?, etc.). The current mobile version is an MVP of the global virtual platform we’re building.
I hope this is not targeted for Indian audience
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