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Mike Birkey
I have been using Chronicle for years on both iOS and Mac. The applications sync flawlessly. The one major thing I love about this app when comparing it to other bill management apps is the "due soon" feature. Most apps only remind you with a notification that a bill is due in 7 days or whatever amount of days you set. Chronicle not only notifies you, but you can set a specific amount of days to show the bills that are "due soon". The use case that helps me is that I get paid bi-weekly. On payday, I want to pay all of my bills that are due in the next 14 days. Chronicle lists all of these bills in a different section and provides the total amount. Lots to love with this app and the developer is still extremely responsive after so many years.
Steven LawRadio DJ, Web develop, Infosec Fan
I find chronicle very useful. However the issue that I have is that the MacOS version, (on Setapp) has the great facility of recording income, but the iOS apps do not. If the macOS app didn’t include income, this would mean consistency between types, but having income recording is so useful.