Chris Messina on conversational commerce

The 2017 bot outlook with one of the field’s early adopters

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My first podcast interview of 2017! Fittingly we discuss MessinaBot and personal bots, "bot skeuomorphism", the role of Product Hunt in the bot ecosystem, and a bunch of other topics! Show notes
  • • Traditional résumés provide the same comprehensive overview regardless of who’s reading; MessinaBot customizes the experience of learning about me, and draws together content that’s ordinarily spread across many channels.
  • • “Conversational commerce,” the messaging trend that I named in 2015
  • • My work with Esther Crawford, who launched her résumé bot EstherBot in 2016

  • • The state of bot skeuomorphism
  • Product Hunt’s role in the popular emergence of bots
  • • For small businesses, setting up a bot interface could be easier than creating a traditional website. Until recently, Path’s Talk app even had a call center to route messages to businesses that didn’t have messaging capabilities.
@chrismessina @esthercrawford @jonbruner surprised that BotList wasn't mentioned especially since we have made a huge dent in the chatbot ecosystem. 2.5M pageviews in 9 months.
@sethlouey wasn't an intentional omission, I just don't really go there organically. Congrats on your traction though — impressive!
@chrismessina trying to improve the daily organic traffic. Any tips?
It was great to talk with Chris on the podcast. I've been thinking a lot about "bot skeuomorphism"—Pete's term for features that are just directly borrowed from web or mobile apps and stuffed into bots. That's the central point of our conversation in this episode: developers are just now coming up with models that are truly native to the bot medium, and those models (as well as the bot medium itself) are still very young.