Chore Monster

Make chores fun by rewarding your kids

#3 Product of the DayMay 30, 2014
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@eriktorenber - Retention has been incredible actually. Kids do an average of 10.5 chores per week. It's surprising what monsters and a jar of farts can do for motivation. :) @rrhoover - Parents most definitely have strong opinions, as do we! Not all parents believe in positive reinforcement, but research professionals and child psychologists agree that it's key for development. A TON more info can be found at
CC'ing @chrisbergman founder of @choremonster -- really curious as to what the retention has been like...tough to get kids to do chores repeatedly :P
Chore Monster released 2.0 of their app recently, moving to a freemium model. I like this idea but curious to hear what parents (who often have very strong opinions) think of it.
@rrhoover As a dad of two young kids, I think ChoreMonster is amazing. It's useful, engaging and a great positive reinforcement. Kids love to have leaderboards and rewards, and CM presents all this in a creative way. Big thumbs up.