Hear your team working through ambient sounds

Reminds me Peak (previously shared on the linkydink MVP). Do you use it, @wadefoster? I worry that quantifying everything may lead to the wrong behavior. Of course, it's not about the number of commits you make, but instead the quality and type of work you invest your time into.
I tried it out, but don't use it routinely. It was pretty fun to build a sound scape based on GitHub commits, Trello cards, Campfire activity, etc. It literally is like building a sound scape with light ambient noise so you can craft something that isn't intrusive except for the times you want it to be (i.e. failed build, major deal won, etc).
Wait, does it literally use audio somehow? Or is it just a really really strong metaphor they use?
Yeah. Real audio. Like play this noise for GitHub commit. Play this noise for Campfire IM. Play this noise for Stripe payment. It's pretty fun to play around with.
Oh crazy! That's really cool