Chat Room with Selfies and Pagers (yes, pagers!)

This is a super lightweight, fun hack by @hursh and @gem_ray (from Branch) I found through @joshm yesterday. Join the Product Hunt chat!
Me and @hursh built this in a week for funsies when Julius and Alex were working on Phonetag. Trying to improve on our in-company chat. Selfies turned out to be way more fun than we thought. I thought of them as a replacement for stickers or emojis, but they make the chat way more personal.
@gem_ray - Only a week? I'm impressed. The pager concept is really unique. For a while I've thought SMS is under-utilized (wrote about SMS-First Startups here: How did you come up with this idea? P.S. You should check out @tommoor & @ericbieller's Sqwiggle ( if you haven't already.
Yeah I think it would have taken less if we didn't use Mongodb :) We were trying to learn some new tech. We built SMS because you know, sometimes you chat a coworker and they aren't looking at the chat window or they are off their desk. I think it has worked :)