Chipper Tracker

Measure + track improvement on your goals

Chipper Tracker is a social app that helps you set and track your long term goals. Pick an activity like running, reading a book, meditation, or a favorite gym exercise and start entering your daily totals. Soon, you'll start seeing trends in your activity and know when you've been away for too long.

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Dave Huynh
Product Lead. Part Time iOS Dev
The idea for this came about when my olympic lifting coach was hassling me about how often I was doing my accessory strength work. I hadn't been tracking it since it's one of those mundane things you do every day or every other day. So i decided to build a tracker and I decided to make my activity shareable with friends so they can keep me honest. Then I decided to make it so anyone can track their goals and share it with their friends/coaches too.
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Ryan Chin
Private Equity
@deeebeau cool idea, sounds like you're big about productivity/attention focus. :)