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Powerful workflow for smart creative teams


Teams use Chipmunk to collaborate throughout their project’s lifecycle alongside the design tools they already love. Users create and store their asset libraries and manage content creation workflows.

Chipmunk supports over 600 file types including Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), and several leading 3D formats for VR/AR projects.

Would you recommend this product?

It's like Zendesk, Github and Google Drive had a baby for designers. You no longer have to live in an endless thread within your email. You can easily make requests and take action on them within Chipmunk. The plugin to Adobe is one of my favorite features and the ability to see the full timeline of the art file makes it easy to go back if you aren't happy with the path you've taken.

The UI is also very user friendly making platforms like this that normally have a steeper learning curve, quick and easy to pick up.

I can't wait for their upcoming features and to see how robust Chipmunk becomes!


Very easy to use. It bridges the gap between the requester and the creative giving visibility into the whole process.


No cons - looking forward to new features being rolled out.

Gamer, Developer, and Founder

I first saw Chipmunk in action at Unite Austin in October of 2017 and was sold on it. From there we have worked a lot with the Chipmunk team in providing feedback about the platform and the Unity plugin. The platform has really grown since I first saw it and like the direction they are going.


Cloud-based, version control, Unity plugin, approval workflow, a free entry level tier, ease of creative and programmer collaboration




Chipmunk makes stuff like image versioning easy enough for nontechnical people who would be scared of git. (And anyway using git for visual media would be awful, because it isn't designed to be good for media!)


Simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started storing visual media and then makes it easy to find it again.


Have to convince collaborators that it really is better than naming all our files file_final_final_v2_reallyfinal.