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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Me and @suzywillow are big fans of Netflix Party, but that only supports Netflix (as you might assume).

Clever move with the subdomains, @edwardsansom. 😊
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
This is really well made 💕

Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Feels a bit like turntable.fm. RIP.
Ed Sansom — Designer
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Hope you had fun and thanks for the playlist link!
Craig Stanford — Co-Founder & VP of BizDev @ StageHound
@rrhoover @suzywillow @edwardsansom Yeah, you kinda paint yourself into a corner with that "Netflix Party" moniker. ...&chill works and is expansive and fun. "Netflix Party" might also find itself the recipient of a cease & desist letter in the future from @reedhastings ' legal team. 😱
Ⓜatt hartman — seed investments, betaworks
@rrhoover i got the exact same feeling about turntable. @edwardsansom congrats on building a really cool product. are you thinking about incorporating any features that will help with the live problem -- i.e., the experience is only as good as having people on it? public rooms is a one good solution to address it (which you've implemented). thinking of others? Is there an opportunity for a follow graph either at the user level, or maybe the video topic level? I could totally see wanting to watch, say, a ted talk or a programming tutorial at the same time others were watching and to opine or ask others questions (even if i didn't already know the people).
Jim Canto — Freedom hunter. Citizen dev. Solopreneur
@rrhoover I've been trying to remember where our paths first crossed...and I do believe it may have been TT. Do you recall?? Either way, I miss that place.
Ed Sansom — Designer
Hi everyone!

Firstly, big thanks to @robjama for the hunt and @cpollo01 for the advice.

We’ve been working on &chill, it's a website where you can watch YouTube and Twitch live streams with people. We wrote a bit of a backstory here.

We’ve set up a room just for you Hunters; come watch some product videos over at producthunt.andchill.tv.

Or if you're up for a laugh, we got you - lol.andchill.tv. Need some inspiration? Check out - interesting.andchill.tv. Right now we’re working on automating these rooms so there are new videos every day.

We’d love to hear what you think.

- Ed & Dylan
Matt Navarra — Social Media Director for @TheNextWeb
@edwardsansom @robjama @cpollo01 Any plans to let room creators decorate/customise their rooms and interact with other viewers 1-2-1 (IM)? What other stuff is coming soon?
Ed Sansom — Designer
@mattnavarra Hey Matt, yep totally. We worked with G2 Esports to create a room for the staff and fans to watch their team compete. Check out g2esports.andchill.tv. It was a one off concept but we got some really great feedback from it.

At the moment people can voice chat to each other if they’re sitting in the same row and text chat to talk to anyone in the room. Expanding on this we think it’d be pretty cool to see what your friends are watching, so we’re looking to add some more social features for 1:1 interaction between people.

We’re also looking into automating some of the content, as well as maybe opening up an API.

Jason Will @ Zipkick — CEO at Zipkick
@edwardsansom nice work and there seems to be something here. What's the monetization strategy beyond advertising?
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