Simply manage your projects

Whether you freelance full-time or on the side, you're likely juggling multiple projects at once - so your time is scarce and need to make the most of it. Chief helps you keep track of your tasks, but also help you decide what's most important to do next.
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Hey @jeff_rivas if you have some feedback on the product or idea, I'd love to hear it?
I wonder why @jeff_rivas uses an unsplash photo as his profile
I wanna try this, as sometimes I feel really confused when I have too many tasks.
Amazing @elizabethru! I'd love to get your feedback and ideas for improvement. This is just the first iteration, so will definitely improve.
“Q: What is the cost? A: No cost, it’s free!” but it’s $2 on the AppStore. Just make sure to sync the App Store Pricing and the Site in order to prevent confusion!
@naseem_raad Thanks Naseem. I missed that, will change this now.
Chief looks very interesting! I will try this out @paul_morello. Feel this would be a good add to as well - you can post there too :)
Managing many projects was difficult and I couldn't find a simple solution to split my tasks. I also wanted a way to know what tasks were most important, so I could make the best use of my time.