A mic button for Twitter

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Congrats guys! Love Chhirp.
It feels inappropriate to use text to ask this question but we haven't integrated Chhrip embeds into the PH discussion yet. πŸ˜‰ @baxterjeff - you previously built Cord and Shhout!, both audio-based apps. Your "mic button for Twitter" positioning reminds me a lot of @benrbn and the Meerkat team's focus on simplicity and pivots from their previous livestreaming apps, Yevvo and Air. What did you learn from your previous products that were applied to Chhirp?
@rrhoover Thanks! We've been building Cord since the fall and have always had something of a 'broadcast' model in mind. Seeing (hearing?) that a ton of Cord messages are sent to more than one person really had us itching to building something that would let you share to an even wider audience. We've also set a goal for ourselves to build and share a 'project' about every 3 months. Mainly to learn and feed back into Cord. @benrbn and Meerkat were literally the inspiration to mash-up our voice messaging platform and Twitter's API's. We kept a lot of the core features of Cord and Shhout (12 sec limit, simple recording UX, best audio quality the phone will give us) and built a simple app to get that short audio to twitter (and the web) as easily as possible. This was a quick sprint, if we hear a lot of tweets then there's lots more to do! Happy to work on Chhirp embeds for Product Hunt πŸ”ŠπŸš€
@baxterjeff I love it. so simple
@baxterjeff I have a lot of respect for founders who have a bit of 'obsession' along similar themes. Ev Williams (blogging/writing) and more. I do think there is a lack of the dominator in social/audio realm, so I love your obsession around this theme.
@alexyoungkwon Thanks a ton. We like to think of it as a thesis (though @thm_a may just be properly obsessed). And of course I agree that audio, other than music, has been left behind in the social space. So much more to design & build!
Thanks for the hunt @philtoronto ! Hey Product Hunt, Listen:
And of course, the obligatory Medium post with the what, why, & how of Chhirp:
Ah I actually had a very similar idea to make something like this - looks like you've implemented it well! Good luck.