A World of Short Stories

A self-publishing platform for Original & Online-exclusive short content.

Ensuring writers get free and more visibility & readers get access to quality content inline with their attention span.

Just like walking into a LIBRARY.

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Hi ProductHunt, Aditya from Team CherryQuill here. CherryQuill is a self-publishing platform for short content (stories, predominantly fictional, read in 3 to 30 minutes). Every story is original, online-exclusive and carefully filtered for broader acceptance and comes attached with a synopsis (added by writers themselves to entice readers). Social Media nowadays being predominantly used for networking, virality and influencing, it is not the right place for creativity. Content is getting wasted in the plethora of junk(clickbaits) available on every social network. We decided to do something about this. Presenting a simple platform, allowing readers and writers to connect through content. Engagement can be through sharing, curating or rating. Every interaction helps in the evolution of writers, readers, content and the community as a whole. Please try it out. We would love to receive feedback and some pointers for growth :)