Try not to laugh. A multiplayer game for iPhone.


Cheese presents you the funniest videos the internet has to offer. You can play against others simultaneously or in turns. One game consists of 10 videos. While you watch them, we use your iPhone’s sensors to check if you’re laughing. Who laughs more often, loses.

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Kapil Israni
 +4 reviews
  • Kuchengnom
    KuchengnomProduct Designer

    Even losing a round is fun


    The comedic sources are repeatative

    I'd love to get more variety into the funny videos, especially I dislike it when a longer video from king bach for example just gets gut off … missing the punchline most of the time.

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  • Davis Baer
    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp

    Great idea, and could be an awesome way of bringing exposure to up-and-coming Youtubers


    It said I smiled every single time, even when I made sure I didnt move a muscle. Maybe I just have Resting-Smiling-Face (better than RBF!)

    Hopefully Im the only one having the "you smiled every time" issue. Overall great idea and design though!

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  • наталья д
    наталья дMedical student

    best desing ever!


    none yet

    I love desing of this app!

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