Cheerble Board Game turns your cat’s boring routine into endless fun. Let the playful paws chase the Smart Ball through the maze of holes on the Playboard for hours. And the Scratch Pad is there to satisfy your fluffy’s instincts and save your furniture!
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Hey Product Hunters! Hannah here, COO of Cheerble. I’m super excited to be back here again! After the unprecedented success of our Wicked Bone and Wicked Ball campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo last year, we delivered these unique pet toys to thousands of happy cats and dogs. Amazed by the results and after considering the feedback our excited backers gave us, we decided to keep researching and trying new things out to create something even cooler… Now, we’re back with the Cheerble Board Game, the world’s first all-in-one board game specially designed for your playful and smart cat! This super fun toy with a fun playboard doubles as a Scratch Pad along with a Smart Ball—a tiny Wicked Ball perfect for cats—that rolls all by itself to make your kitty chase after it. With the Cheerble Board Game, your furry friend’s curious paws will always have a place to scratch and a reason to be happy. With the help of crowdfunding enthusiasts and pioneers like you we hope to pursue our mission to build a much better life for our best friends and bring joy to their routine. You are welcome to ask me any questions, make more suggestions, and share your valuable opinion.
@hannah_huang1 I don't have a cat, but looks a lot of fun! My toddler son would love this :D Great work Hannah!
Looks nice :) Some feedback: the music in the video might be a tad bit loud I can't hear what's being said 😅
@nafetswirth Thank you for your feedback :)
@hannah_huang1 Indeed. Some subtitles would help
@nafetswirth that's the exact comment I was about to post. It's crazy to think about how neither the people who made the video nor the ones who approved it noticed that it's almost impossible to hear what the narrator is saying because of the super loud “background” music. The product itself looks awesome!
Looks like a really cute thing! Will certainly look into it and possibly recommend for my friend's cat :)
@blockonomics_co Really glad you like it!
I know my cat would love this one. Question on the ball: Is it battery-powered? On/Off switch? Or does it power on based on action?
@jon_shep The ball is battery-powered. The Cheerble Ball comes with a Micro USB charging cable
@jon_shep @hannah_huang1 hey, you didn't answer all the questions 😅 Is there an on/off switch or does it automatically go into sleep mode if the cat ignores it for a while?
Great idea and love the design too - something you wouldn't be embarrassed to display in your home. I have an 18-mo old now, so our first baby (the furbaby) doesn't get as much attention as she once did. This would be useful!
@jessica_biondo Hi Jessica, glad you like it :)