A better way to monitor your API's and site click flows.

Checkly is the easiest way to monitor your API and browser click flows from a single dashboard. We run your checks from multiple global datacenters and alert you when things go south with SMS, Pagerduty etc. Add team mates, call checks from your CI/CD pipeline and publish a status page under a custom domain. Oh, and we also do SSL expiry checks!

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Hi, I'm Tim the creator of Checkly! Checkly is a Saas tool to actively monitor and validate your crucial transactions on your web apps and API backends in one easy package. Think shopping carts, signup flows and product and account API's. We're open for beta signups as of this moment! I built Checkly very specifically to scratch an itch I'd been having for ten years. Working at web agencies and startups, I was always looking for that ONE tool that would just give me a nice dashboard, scriptable checks and proper alerting for all the "active" checks I wanted to have done on a minute-by-minute basis. Something I could also show my clients or my boss. This is the goal of Checkly. Play around with the functionality on and the dedicated scripting sandbox on Tell me what you think or ask me a question. Kind regards, Tim