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The best UI and UX practices for production ready design.

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Checklist Design is a collection of best UI and UX practices to provide a complete, honest and rewarding experience for your users. Take in the knowledge of not just what to put in your solution, but how and why it should be there.
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Hello everyone, I'm excited to be shipping another personal project - Checklist Design! The idea came up during my time at Mizko Media, where we made websites and products for (mostly) Australian tech startups. No matter how many times I went through the process before, there were always small touches and moments I missed along the way. Having to go back to these after supposedly wrapping up, or having a developer point out the flaws was taking up unneccesary time. I wanted to have a place I could go to that could ensure me production ready design. So, I started listing out all the typical elements you should expect to have on a few standard SaaS pages. Then, that grew into becoming a collection of elements, articles and examples to take in as well. Now, here we are! A 1.0 version launch and plenty of possibilities. Follow me on Twitter for more updates.
@hatzis Great work George! I'm so happy to see you finally pushing this product out. Great hustle and mantra. I can't wait to see this grow. You've got my backing and I'm glad you learnt a thing or two at Mizko Media.
@mizko Thanks Michael! You helped me push this out and got me thinking about the finer details of design all the time at Mizko Media - very grateful 😊
@hatzis This is great!
@0db8_ Thanks, I'm glad you like it 😊
@hatzis A very good project. I would suggest that the checklists could be used as templates for some custom checklists and could be assigned to particular projects. E.g. if you work on something you should be able to add necessary checklists to that project/task and then actually check what has been done. This would be super helpful when you do something critical like a new server installation where you cannot forget about some settings.

I also find "Checklist Design" a bad way of putting it because that conjures up an image of designing a checklist in my mind. It should be "Design Checklist."


Interesting idea


Bad layout design. Feels incomplete.

I got the same idea about the name.
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This is an awesome indie design project 😍


Well structured resource with great related links. What do you need more?


Lack of components but more are coming!

Hey, @hatzis. Great job! Useful tips with best practices in design, we launch our best practices in marketing automation - have a look, maybe there is something to implement and feel free to share your tips if you have!
@roman_eaton Hey Roman, likewise! Love your post and from my earlier marketing background I can see your stuff being a valuable resource. Beautiful illustrations btw.
@hatzis thanks, but the something went strange and now we're on the 8th place. Hope to came back to the top until the end of the day
This should come in handy real soon! Keep growing the collection man!