Check Your Pulse

A tech and startups newsletter that makes you feel human

Check your Pulse explores technology and startups through the most important lens: the human one. My hope is that whilst in your to-do list treadmill, you find time to feel great, to feel something, to check your pulse.
Because holy shit, we're alive!
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Sari Azout
Early stage consumer VC.
Hey Product Hunt! 👋 After close to a decade working in tech and startups, I have a difficult time explaining what I do. Words like VC, product strategist, or creative businessperson just don’t cut it. Sure, my projects and investments involve AI in all its forms, but when it comes to startups, I’m less interested in the latest technology and more interested in the people who make the technology, who use the technology, who benefit from the technology, and whose lives may be impacted by the technology. Check your Pulse is my weekly email newsletter where I explore startups, technology, and cultural trends through the most important lens: the human one. Time is scarce and content is plentiful so my hope is to curate your information diet and deliver joy and meaning to your inbox on Sunday mornings. I'd love to get your feedback and happy to answer questions. Thank you! 🙏
Would love this as a podcast. 🙂
AurelioSEO Nerd
Nice initiative!
Joshua LuftCo-Founder Everlasting Wardrobe
I've been a subscriber since CYP #22. Definitely worth signing up!
Sari's newsletter is easily one of my favs! Highly recommend.
Mike RolfeProduct @ Rokk3r Labs
One of my favorite newsletters - one of the few that gets an immediate read every time it lands in the inbox.
Great idea, I'm always a fan of curated newsletters!
Love receiving every Sunday!
Mamoon Ismail KhalidVC. Cross border investments.
Great read! Looking forward to more
Nice one, great job