The ephemeral to-do list for iOS


Check is an ephemeral to-do list for iOS. It provides:

- tasks are removed after a certain duration

- you can define the duration for tasks in hours (default is 24 hours).

- The "task graveyard": Tasks which are not finished within the duration are killed and can be found in the graveyard. You can easily revive them and try them again later.

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3 Reviews3.3/5

It's a nice way to plan your day, with enough pressure to get shit done.


very simple, but useful to-do list with a beautiful design


nothing to say here

Personal opinion about a to-do list is to remind me things I need to do, not to hurry me finish something in a certain period of time.

I can totally see myself wrote something down, and it disappeared after 24h, but I still haven't get it done. And then I need to go find what I wrote before.

Set an reminder a few hours before the thing need to be done is a much better way to help me complete my to-do list.


Clean UI


Bad concept for getting things done