iOS 8 widget for the little things you never remember

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So simple yet useful, @aoverholtzer. Perhaps this could include geofenced notifications to surface reminders relevant to the context (e.g. when I arrive at the airport, it reminds me of my gate and terminal).
I find myself on the phone often and having to write something down to use in the next 24 hours and haven't found a good solution. Once you download and add Cheatsheet to the iOS Notification Center, you can just put the call on speaker, pull down and create a new cheatsheet quick to record the info. This may just work, thanks @aoverholtzer.
Great idea @aoverholtzer, love that I can add things directly from Notification Center. It's an app that I never have to "hunt" for (pun intended). Expanding on @rrhoover's suggestion, I wonder if this could be coupled with a bluetooth device to only display certain cheats (e.g. passwords) when you have the key physically on you...
@rrhoover I think that's a great suggestion to add a geofencing option, or at least contextually relevant info. Endless possibilities. Also, cheat sheet would probably work well for smartwatches.
@nzieber 100% agree re: smart watches.
@aoverholzer Combined with an estimote beacon and apple watch, this could get interesting very quickly.