A beautiful Mac app for Facebook Messenger

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This looks great, and as a big fan of HBO's Silicon Valley (not the only person here I suspect) I really really like the landing page screenshot choices. Great job!
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@basicallydan I couldn't agree more.
I've already posted this product a month ago @rrhoover
@rrhoover @teresa20133 was gonna saw, I swore I saw this when all the Messenger apps rolled out
@rrhoover @teresa20133 Hey Teresa, Unfortunately the URLs were slightly different which is why our system saw this as a new post. Sometimes we miss a good post in the submissions - sorry :)
@teresa20133 There are regular users and then there are power users. That's probably one reason your submission didn't hit the front page. I remember @eriktorenberg talking about this a while back. Also:
Love any and all FB Messenger desktop apps. Facebook really can't stay behind with all these popping up.
Love the screenshots with Pied Piper :) @adampanger & @burdapatrik : Is this just a wrapper for the web version, or a real app ?
Damn this app looks good. Are you guy thinking about adding other services such as Google Talk in the future?