Chatterbeak Virtual Airwaves

Group talk that's just like 2-way radio. No signup.

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If you create your own channel, you'll get a "Join Code" that you can share with whoever you want by any means you want. Only people with your "Join Code" can talk to you on the channel. Or you can join the "HQ" channel and talk to the folks at Chatterbeak Virtual Airwaves Headquarters. Press "Join" and enter code 8SB Y32
Nice idea. Waiting for android version!
Looks like fun, but it doesn't really do anything that, say, WeChat does, and you still need to send the code to people which you'll probably do in another chat app. So, might as well use the chat app anyway. :-)
@frassmith Our platform actually implements a "Virtual Airwaves" where people who are closer to you have stronger signals. The goal is open channels where you can just talk to people nearby or integrated into cars for car-to-car communication. But we're trying to get a critical mass of users on private channels first so there will be people to talk to. We also make it very easy to have large multi-way group chats. You can talk over people--it's real-time. That's a feature--to make communication fast and informal. You can share the claim code on private channels any way you want, printed out on signs at a party, email, etc. We didn't want to be dependent on any social network, or do anything nasty like access address books. (And we don't!) What features would you need to see, Fraser, that would meet your specific needs? We'd love to know!
Canada has just been added to the "Availability Zone". Welcome to our Northern Neighbors!