A curated list of the best Slack groups for professionals

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Slack really is becoming the modern day IRC (accidentally?) - with groups like #Nomads, #Startup and Maker Hunt, thousands of people are already connecting over specific topics. @mubashariqbal and @bhavesh made this directory so you find the best Slack groups out there, nice job!
@bramk Thank you for hunting this, very excited to find all the great Slack groups that we don't know about yet!
@mubashariqbal no problem! I like sites with blocks ;)
@mubashariqbal @bramk thanks for the hunt @bramk! was a littttttle bit of inspiration for the blocks 😊
@mubashariqbal @bramk @bhavesh I immediately thought that was the case, but hey, it works. Very cool that we're featured :)
Thanks @bhavesh and @mubashariqbal for including our #CreativeTribes community ( in your Best of Slack listing, under Marketing. A real honor to be a part of Chats.Directory from its earliest days. Looking forward to watching the space. In the meantime, let us know if there's anything we can do to help you out in any way. Quick suggestion: Can you please update the #CreativeTribes block to replace "All things creative" with our tagline, "Building Tribes Together!"? Thank you!
@bhavesh @seanmmadden I've updated the tagline. Right now we're trying to promote the site as best we can, anything you can do to help with that, would be awesome.
Thanks, again, @mubashariqbal. I've just posted this Product Hunt listing within #CreativeTribes (thereby sending it to all our members), and will likewise include mention of it, with a link, in our weekly #CreativeTribes Curated mailing which goes out tomorrow. @bhavesh
@bhavesh @seanmmadden Awesome, thank you!
This looks great! Can't wait to discover more awesome groups. :)
This looks great, but I am a little scared of finding more groups:)
Very cool. Was thinking of making a group on publishing! Looks like nothing exists on the directory so far
@daveparkhere I'd love to go on to one like that. An under served area, I think.
@daveparkhere @peterc you should definitely do it and once it's ready, let us know and we'll get it posted on ChatsDirectory! :-)