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Hey Product Hunt! So excited to be sharing this with you. If you’re anything like me, you probably fill in web forms dozens of times every week. Many of these forms are confusing, long and just plain ugly. Products like TypeForm have done a lot to make this better, but the experiences are still tied to the web and following up with survey respondents is still really troublesome and difficult. To solve these problems, Lucie and I built and made it available as an open source project. Chatform lets anyone build a form or survey that they can then distribute over messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, LINE, Viber and others. I've written a bit more on it on Medium here: Have fun, play with the code and build something of your own!
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@gozmike Congrats Mike! Awesome project!
@gozmike hey your site is giving a "Application error"
@adriangrant fixed! sorry about that - it's a hackathon project after all, just a little more traffic than I had initially anticipated 🙊
@gozmike Great idea! Giving it a spin now. 👍
I rarely get excited about open source as much as I'm excited about this project @gozmike. Thank you for sharing this with the world! Can't wait to start playing with it :)
Awesome use case for Chat bots (IMO). How would a customer get to this form? Wouldn't they need to activate the chat? (Link-through, I'm guessing?) Does the chat stay open or connect to anything that could possibly later down the road provide promo codes, coupons, or marketing initiatives? Love the Chatform intro video, btw!
@as_austin Thanks Austin. There's a bunch of ways a customer can get to this form: * You can embed the Smooch Web Messenger ( into any element of your web app, it works particularly well for onboarding (see: for an example * You can link users to your identity on a messaging app, for instance: on Telegram * You can (soon) trigger the form to be sent in a message you send to a customer who reaches out to you over messaging, so say you're providing support over Facebook Messenger and have decided to send the customer a shipping address form, you can define a form that is triggered by a keyword like "/send order_form" and will take over and take the user through the form. * If you have a mobile app, you can add the Smooch iOS and Android SDKs to the app and have a messaging dialogue in the app. * You can even have chatform run surveys for you over SMS or E-Mail
This product is almost stellar, but it loses me at only integrating with chat applications. I'd love to have something web native. An easy-to-build convo form that I could drop code on to my contact page would be killer!
@prestonattebery actually it integrates with Smooch, so the web messenger is available as well. You can embed the web messenger into any or container element on your web page and its entirely open source as well: You can see an example of it running in action on Smooch's signup flow here: - of course, you can style the web messenger to look however you'd like it to look :-)
An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details. :(
@sap323 It's a ProductHug, still some bugs to work out as this was a hackathon project, but getting better all the time!
@gozmike @sap323 I'm also getting the same error after having deployed to heroku. Any clues?
@inthecompanyof @sap323 if it's running on your own heroku deployment, you should check the logs and see. you're probably missing a configuration parameter...
@gozmike @sap323 thanks - caught it. The app name and app base_url must be the same. totally missed that in my haste.