This plugin eliminates the negative impact chatbots have on your website’s page speed. The way it does this is simple. It lazy loads the JavaScript required to load the chatbot widget.
Supported Chatbots:
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Hey Product Hunt! I've been struggling with page speed issues on my WordPress website after adding a chatbot. To fix that problem I created Chatbot Lazy Loader, a WordPress plugin that eliminates the page speed issues created by chatbots. If your website is loading a chatbot widget, it’s likely negatively impacting your page speed. This plugin will prevent that for the following chatbot providers: - Messenger - Drift - Intercom - Indemandly - Crisp If there are any questions or feedback, or if you have a chatbot provider you'd like this plugin to support comment below.
@joey_farruggio Hi Joseph, it would be nice if you supported HubSpot.
@joey_farruggio doesn't work for me (wp 5.4.2). I installed it, then deactivated the HubSpot plugin first to avoid automatic loading of the live chat, then set up the lazy loader with the hubspot id, but then the livechat doesn't load at all
@giulio_maselli - can you email me the URL that you installed this on!
@joey_farruggio Thanks for making support faster
Hi @joey_farruggio! Nice plugin :) We're building Joonbot, a no-code chatbot builder, and we would like to be in your provider list. Thanks a lot. Cam
@camille_franceschi1 – I messaged you on Twitter :)
We are Botsify, want to be on your provider's list
@usamanoman - Set me up with a developer account or something similar to avoid a paid account and I can do that.
This is fantastic. Well done Joey!
@suganthanmn Thanks Suganthan! Happy to see that TTT folks are already using it.