Chat UI Design Kit for Sketch

36+ layouts to help you build your next messaging app

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Hi ProductHunters! We are exclusively launching a new Chat UI Design Kit for you and are offering it absolutely free of cost. A small token of appreciation for all the love we have received. We've included 36+ screens for the most popular features like one-on-one chat, group chat, settings and more. As you may already know, chat is now an integral part of nearly every popular mobile app and site, in one form or another. We have designed this messaging UI kit using Sketch, but have also provided it in other formats incase you do not have Sketch. We truly recommend Sketch to every designer/developer out there! We hope you enjoy using this kit as much as we enjoyed creating it!
Here is a GIF of the UI Kit (not sure why I am not able to upload it to gallery):
Very handy resource from the masters of chat :)
@umutm Thanks Umut!
Thanks a lot , i am also developing a medical focus chatroom. i want to keep it as clean as possible. In UI/UX , the alternating chats is that actually helpful? It is annoying at multi-user chatrooms . and i do not personally like it. What are your opinions and analysis?
@v3ss0n Can you please elaborate what you mean by alternating chats?
@anant_garg the left and right style.
@v3ss0n For messages being sent, it's better to keep them on the right side. For messages being received, it's better to keep them on the left. Some reasons for it: 1. Users are accustomed to it thanks to most messaging apps out there 2. It's easy to ignore the messages on the right (which have been self sent) and concentrate on the left side incoming messages.
@anant_garg ah , i got it then , how about multi user chat. when multi ple users are chatting is it better to do left-right style or , just like traditional irc chat style?
@v3ss0n Right for outgoing messages (i.e. messages sent by the user) and left for all other incoming messages (i.e. messages being received from all other users).
Download link is not sent.
@v3ss0n You should receive it within 5-10 minutes.
@anant_garg still waiting. Not arrived yet.
@v3ss0n That's weird. I've added on you Twitter; please DM me and I'll get this sorted.