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It will be awesome if an Android version is also available. No planning for it yet ?
@ossama_bounnite - An Android version will take a while. We are still looking at what kind of amazing applications our users will put this App to. Why don't you share some of your creations with a #chartistic tag on Twitter? Or, send them over to me at Once we understand what's expected of us, Androiding it wouldn't be a big deal.
@rajonthemove @zohocorp Sorry, I can't !!! I am not an iPhone user. That's why I've asked for the Android versoin to have a try.
Thanks for hunting us, Austin. Even with so many tools around to create charts, we noticed that there aren't many that could render the creation easier, exciting and interactive. And, that's exactly why we built Chartistic! Create beautiful bar charts, line charts, area charts and pie charts in a just a minute. You'll also find a unique clipart-powered data visualiser which are sure to be show-stealers wherever you use them. Export charts as images and embed them in presentations, emails, documents, spreadsheets, even in your next tweet! We want Chartistic to be the fastest, easiest and the coolest way to create beautiful charts which you can use instantly. This means staying away from allowing too many data points and decimal precisions. Try Chartistic and let us know what you think.
@rajonthemove Kudos to you all. I've recently switched to using Zoho almost solely for my word processing needs. Using it scatter-shot for email, slideshow production, etc. Excellent set of products.
Nice to see this Mobile first product from Zoho corp. First impressions: Pleasant Walkthrough, easy to get started with charts, Though editing took few extra efforts, Liked the adding images feature :)
Good start but would need a lot more options: multiple series, connection to a data source (Excel or TXT on OneDrive for instance)
Impressive execution, it's so smooth and easy, congrats !