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Rob O'Donovan — Co-Founder & CEO
Hey Product Hunt! Big thanks @bramk.

I’m one of the founders of CharlieHR.

We built CharlieHR because we grew constantly frustrated by all the boring everyday admin that goes into making great ideas happen. There are too many emails and too many spreadsheets… we felt that much of it could (and should!) be automated and that while building a company is hard, running one really shouldn’t be. We’re building tools to empower entrepreneurs with more time do more of what matters and more of what they love!

Our free plan gives you enough powers to get started and stays free for as many people as you want, for as long as you want. Our paid plans will offer additional premium features and services in the future.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Huge thanks!
@rjodonovan do you have any Canadian customers? Any obvious limitations?
Daniel Murray — Co Founder, Grabble
Charlie HR is awesome, vote for it on Product Hunt if you like saving time, money and HR woes. if not, dont worry about it.
Rob O'Donovan — Co-Founder & CEO
@murraymuzz Cheers Daniel! 👍
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