For the past six months we worked on making Changefeed better based on your feedback. Today we’re excited to announce:
- Custom domains πŸ—Ί
- Embeddable widget 🚨
- Newsletter support πŸ“§
- Zapier integration πŸ”€
- Public API access πŸ’»
- Improved design ✨
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Hey hunters! πŸ‘‹ Together with Brian and Nik we built Changefeed to make it simple to keep a beautiful changelog for your product. When we originally launched we got lots of awesome feedback from all of you (, so we spent the last six months heads-down implementing the most requested ideas. Today we super excited to announce that Changefeed v2 is live with all of them included! 😍 Here is all the news: - Custom domains: Show your changelog at a domain of yours like πŸ—Ί - Embeddable widget: Alert your users of new changes right on your website 🚨 - Newsletter support: Have your users subscribe to and send them a newsletter whenever you publish a new release πŸ“§ - Zapier integration: Automate all the things with our Zapier integration: automatically tweet when you publish a new release, add merged pull requests from GitHub to your draft release, and much more. πŸ”€ - Public API access: Automate even more by accessing our GraphQL API and implementing any kind of functionality you want. The sky is the limit! πŸ’» - Improved design: Your changelog will now look even better thanks to the design clean up ✨ We are super grateful for you all believing in us three indie devs and giving such great feedback. As a token of our appreciation, we have an *exclusive ProductHunt launch discount*: 25% off any plan for an entire year! Simply enter the discount code "we-love-producthunt" during checkout anytime before tomorrow midnight. Thank you for being awesome! πŸ™
@mxstbr Awesome launch Max, and thanks for offering a free for open source option! Is there a public roadmap for Changefeed? It'd be great to have "public roadmap" and "feedback" features, similar to Canny with the upvote system.
@mxstbr @thomaswangio Thanks for your suggestions. There are couple directions to go from here. Public roadmap and feedback features are definitely high up on the list, but we will first settle down a bit and evaluate what makes the most sense.
Looks neat! I am looking for something like this. So far I liked Headway App. One suggestion - there is too much emphasis on the Version number. Normal users don't worry too much about the version number. Just when it was done and what - that is useful.
@allagappan_alagu_muthuraman 100% agree, this is on our minds for a while and we have to see how to incorporate it. Suggestions and feedback are very welcome :)
Nice will check out could be useful for me!
Looks good and feels good and smooth. I especially like the idea of minimalistic widget. But for the website with changelog I think it would be cool to have some customisation options.
@alisa_smelkova that's a good call, we are definitely thinking of introducing the ability to customize the styling! What in particular would you look to change?
@mxstbr Mainly it's for branding purposes. Maybe some header-cover / background / or brand color for labels (new, improved etc) will be enough.
@mxstbr @alisa_smelkova it's a jarring experience when you get dropped into a completely different page from the widget. I think I'd prefer a modal takeover so they never leave my app. From the modal they could easily subscribe or "view all updates" (in which clicking could trigger a the existing page in a new tab).
Hey, it's something what I was looking for, looks pretty good. But what about Spectrum.Chat? Seems like abandoned project which live only because of previous buzz made.
@stefan_smiljkovic Thanks! I can't tell much about spectrum (never have been part of that team), except a while ago they announce that Spectrum is joining Github: