Change Politics

Engage with candidates & find endorsements on your phone

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Hi everyone - I’m so excited to share Change Politics with the Product Hunt community. Change Politics is a new mobile platform from that helps voters make informed decisions on Election Day. On Change Politics, anyone can submit questions directly to the candidates, and easily find endorsements from the people and organizations they trust most. Change Politics puts voters at the center of the electoral process. By empowering people to directly communicate with candidates, and easily find information about who to vote for from the people they trust, we’re building a new source of citizen power to rival political ads and party affiliation. Check out some coverage from TechCrunch, FastCompany, National Journal, and CNN, and give the site a go by asking your questions for the candidates, upvoting your favorites, and browsing endorsements:
@brattray Awesome :) Make sure to check out the LIVE Chat with Ben today
@brattray I hope to see this growing not just as a one-time use for election day, but as a platform to get common young citizens much more actively involved in politics and legislation all year round in all levels where they an make impact but usually do not care to participate. There is a vacuum of awareness, and much more can be done.
love this idea