Abhiroop Cvk
Abhiroop Cvk reviewedCeevTransform your LinkedIn into a spectacular resume

Works very well!


Only takes information enough to fit on a single page without customisation

Since the resume is single paged, it would be nice to choose which sections from LI I would like to add onto the resume, rather than assuming to the top the first few to add to the page.

Alternatively, being able to customise the font sizes/spacing would allow me to fit more information.

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Mitch@sleumasm · Creator of ineedaresu.me
Thanks for the feedback! I'm actually working on adding everything you mentioned!
Mitch@sleumasm · Creator of ineedaresu.me
Hey, just wanted to come back and let you know I updated it with a ton of new features - it now supports multiple pages and puts your entire profile on the resume, and you can delete items you don't want!