CCPA Compliance Checklist

Easily check how or if you need to comply with CCPA.

After the launch of GDPR, many companies are being confronted with a new legislation, the CCPA. For those of you that are preparing, here's a checklist that will assist you.
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As the CCPA will be going into effect on Jan 1, 2020 we took this opportunity to put together a CCPA Compliance checklist (just like we did with the GDPR checklist roughly 18 months ago). Many companies today are doing business around the globe, so it's key to understand whether the CCPA will have impact on your business and whether/how you should comply. Exactly like with the GDPR, it's not a matter of where your company is based, but more who you are doing business with. We hope the CCPA Compliance Checklist can create some clarity on : - what is the CCPA all about? - what's the impact on your business? - do you have to comply? - how do you become compliant? Let's make Privacy a given.
Our ComplianceBoard team realized the need for not only a straight-forward checklist, but also a clear language accessible to everyone and a topline definition relevant to board members of SaaS companies to do quick risk assessment. With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) going into effect in less than a month, companies and their board members are scrambling to understand their compliance obligations. If you collect personal data of California residents > you better give the CCPA Compliance Checklist a review and an upvote! Congrats to the team for again a very valuable community project!
This is probably the most helpful checklist i've found online thus far. Thanks for this!
Another year another data protection regulation. After the GDPR Checklist, we decided to compile a CCPA checklist to help companies understand what impact the California Consumer Privacy Act has on their business. Informing your customers about how or if you need to comply with CCPA will become a top priority in the upcoming months. Some examples: - -
Big fan of the legal resources and thought put into this CCPA checklist. It’s refreshing compared to most articles that often repeat things. CCPA is just the beginning ☺️ Thanks!
@emery_andrew thanks for the kind words!