Daily Group Focus Sessions

Caveday makes Working from Home... actually work.
We lead daily group focus sessions for a global community. A trained guide runs deep work sprints, science-backed rituals, and energizing breaks. Members report they're 2x-3x more effective in The Cave.
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Caveday has 100% changed how I work. As a writer, I need a space to do deep work and having these sessions facilitated has been amazing.
We started in 2016 with pop-up events in NYC. We've bootstrapped our way to leading 20+ focus sessions per week for workers in 15 countries. Over the last 2 years, we've perfected a method for focusing at home. In today's chaotic world, deep work has never been more challenging. We're here to help. Any questions? Don't hesitate!
I love the community and productivity Caveday creates. It's completely changed my relationship with work for the better - I get more work and, crucially, more important work done. Both for my day job working from home, and my creative pursuits writing. It's also a lovely place to meet strangers during lockdown.
Amazing product! It really makes you feel part of a community while also allowing you do get deep work done! I wrote a short book and started a new career all inside the Cave!
Great people and community!