Connecting like-minded people who are nearby on the go.

Causr is a location-based app that makes networking easy. It enables users from the same or different communities to connect and take advantage of the opportunities around them.

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Hi Product Hunt! James here, a few years ago I was sitting on the Underground in London when someone came and sat in the seat next to me. They were clutching their CV, so I asked them where they’d been and what they were looking for. A few weeks later, we were sat together again, this time in my first company, Student Beans offices. It got me starting to think why more or these conversations didn’t take place as a result the premise of Causr was born. Causr is a location-based app that introduces its users to others within the local area. It makes finding nearby professionals with similar jobs, interests and ambitions easy. Scroll through a network of users, see who’s free, meet for coffee, share business advice or simply connect. Causr plans those chances encounters and makes missed opportunities a thing of the past. We're providing an exclusive offer for Product Hunt Users, comment below or message through the app using the initials PH and the name of your group and you will have your own community absolutely free! Look forward to receiving your feedback! James
@jameseder What's the core answer to "why use it"? Is there one use case you're focused on solving? How are you going to solve the critical mass / network effects / chicken & egg problem? "makes missed opportunities a thing of the past." More than happy to chat... I've been thinking about this problem since 2010, and built two travel apps to try.
Thanks @drewmeyers great to hear from you. We've a few user cases - 2 main ones: 1. Travelling for work with the opportunity to network with new people from the same or different companies. 2. Freelancers who are often in need of collaborating and connecting. Our main focus is on existing communities and unlocking connection between them first. I love the idea of what you're doing. Thanks again for taking a look.
@jameseder Agree those are both interesting use cases. However, not sure either of them are a "problem" very many people set out to find a solution to -- meaning user acquisition will be extremely, extremely challenging.

Causr has connected me with people and opportunities that I otherwise wouldve missed out on. I find it particularly fun to use when traveling.


Causr is excellent for professional networking



Met the hugely-capable founder James while sharing an Uber Pool in London on the way to a meeting. True to the spirit of Causr, the next day we met over a coffee, and he generously shared his experiences with me. Very excited to see where this app goes.
This is really cool. I've just launched a startup so I could see myself using this to meet potential customers and users in-person at events and tradeshows, especially since our target customers are developers and tech-oriented product people who are more likely to be on this network. Speaking of which - if you have a need to wrangle profile photos with face recognition, or moderate inappropriate photos, check us out: - we make state-of-the-art ML models in Docker containers so anyone can use them to an unlimited extent. Also, we've got some new ML tech for personalization and increasing engagement we're looking for feedback on if you're thinking about increasing relevance of posts or something. Just ping me if interested!