Instant Spotlight-like search for your web browser.


Do you use your web browser a lot? Do you usually have dozens of tabs open, bookmark pages or watch videos online? Cato is for you! The power of dozens of extensions with just one.

Cato is lightning fast, intuitive and customizable⚡

Press Ctrl (or) Command + J to open the extension, navigate with arrow keys & press Enter to execute a command 🚀

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The shortcut doen't work on Vivaldi Browser


Simple, fast


More tools

@Léo - there seems to be an ongoing bug with extension shortcuts in Vivaldi. Currently, I'm focusing my time on supporting Google Chrome at the moment since there API's are the most stable at the moment. I'll try tweaking a few things and see if I can get things to work. Vivaldi issue link:

Easy to use and is platform agnostic unlike alfred.


Easy to use for shortcuts!


More commands