Validate your idea through custom market research

About 42% of startups fail because there’s no market need for their ideas, services or products. CatchFire is helping to validate idea, identify a niche or market for early stage startups, scaleups or entreprises.
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Hey PH people, Alex from CatchFire team here. CatchFire is a service that validates ideas, identifies a niche or market through custom market research. About 42% of startups fail because there’s no market need for their ideas, services or products. CatchFire prepares market research based on your idea, data or specific requirements. Early stage startup, scaleup or enterprise - we successfully work with companies of different sizes. Why market research is so important for a startup, scaleup or enterprise? - Without proper marketing research, it’s hard to base and justify how your product would be successful in the market - Unless a proper analysis of the market competition is done, the company cannot size the market opportunity and the potential growth in the market - Startups can’t afford costly corporate-level market research. But, luckily there are several options that can work on a budget for startups - like CatchFire. We’d love to get some feedback and I’m ready and happy to answer your questions!
Hey, we spent some time working on CatchFire. Will be happy to hear your thoughts 🙌
I like the productized, fixed price approach to market research. Seems like it could reduce some friction to consume such services. In your pricing model, you mention idea and product validation - what would the deliverable be out of that work?
@zhernovoi well, we decided to use a fixed price approach and see how it goes, instead of hourly contracts. In terms of idea validation, we prepared a specific framework (including niche, customer segment for the specific market, lean value tree, impact mapping, Kano model etc.) that we are using in order to validate a certain idea. If we are talking about product validation - again, we are using a lean approach + conducting market research and competitor analysis, research existing demand, pricing, features etc. and give final recommendations for the launch of the product/adjustments.
Looks awesome!
@daria_leshchenko thank you Daria. Hope it will help you or SupportYourApp some day :)
Seems interesting. How it works?
@aleksandr_kisilchuk good question. Early stage startup, scaleup or enterprise approach CatchFire with an idea or market research brief. We are following up with additional questions, clarifications, pricing plans and deadlines etc. We are always happy to sign an NDA if needed. After all the details are approved, we get to work. Depending on the chosen pricing plan, the customer receives the final research product in accordance to the initial brief.