Catch Me If You Can

True story of one of the world's most daring con men

Its a law breaking kind of day. I just posted this podcast interview with a guy who spent 3 years in jail for loosing his company $2.3 Billion. Reminds me a lot of this story. -
Also could not put this book down! And was pleasantly not let down as much with the movie when it was released. Probably because it was Leo and Tom Hanks. I love books about real crime and find them so interesting! This is one my recommended reads for sure!
@bentossell Great story. I think the first time I heard it was an audiotape that my Grandma saved of Frank giving speech telling his story. That definitely made me want to get the book, especially as a kid :).
@jfilcik @bentossell oh that is awesome!!! mine was just my voice in my head 😂
@bentossell :) Just found this speech from a couple years ago -
Wow it's quite the day for Subterfuge and Law Breaking in the books section on PH! Looks like a great read!