catcatcatcaaaaaaaaaaaaat is a Google Chrome extension to experience what happens if you live with cats.
1. Install the extension in your Google Chrome
2. Open a new tab. Cats begin to move
That's all.
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14 Reviews5.0/5
Hi, Product Hunters. I'm Shinji, solo-developer. I belong to Japanese solo-developer slack group and met serial app developer @ampersand_xyz . She made many funny apps especially for Japanese people. Some apps went viral. Today, I want to share one of her apps. This joke app is non-verbal. Have a try!
So cool. Upvoted. Cats FTW!
@stanbright Thank you for your comment! Cats FTW!!!
@sota_mikami Thank you for your lovely comment!!!
This has significantly improved my browsing experience, thank you very much 😸. I think there may be a bug where the page infinitely scrolls down for some reason (or maybe that's a feature?).
@dkb868 Im very glad to hear that. oh i didnt know that, i will ask the maker @ampersand_xyz . wait a moment.
@dkb868 Sorry my late reply. Maker @ampersand_xyz said that cats are really scared of infinitely scroll page, you should not call cats there.
@ampersand_xyz @__shinji__ Oh I did not mean to scare the cats. Thanks for letting me know.
@nabettu Thank you for your nice comment!!