Find open-source code for ML papers anywhere online!

CatalyzeX automatically finds and shows code implementations for machine learning research papers in-line on Google, Arxiv, Twitter, and other sites.
It adds links to any open-source code found so you can dive right from research into code and start #building.
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Hi PH fam! Just shipped something many of us interested in machine learning/AI will find super handy. CatalyzeX is a browser extension (and website) that bridges the gap between research and the builders & makers of the world who create with code. The Chrome and Firefox extension automatically finds and shows links to open-source code implementations for machine learning papers anywhere on the web! So whenever you come across interesting papers while browsing Google, Twitter, Arxiv, Scholar, or other sites, you can easily see links to any code implementations. Previously, often times we've seen that code isn't linked by authors/researchers, requires a bunch of digging around, or worse, just may not even be publicly shared. This extension makes it super quick and easy to check out official or community-driven code implementations for cutting-edge machine learning R&D anywhere you stumble upon it. So you can jump right away into experimenting and building -- and pushing the boundaries even further :) Do install & try the extension and let us know what you think! Comments/feedback/requests are all highly appreciated. Thanks! @gaurav_ragtah and @himanshu_ragtah
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First of all, this is really cool. However, I'd like to shout out what a brilliant human being that Gaurav is. I know Product Hunt might not be the ideal platform to discuss founders, but I think it's important, especially now, to highlight the ethics and quality of founders. Gaurav is a superstar of a guy.
@christina_sikand Wow, really appreciate that! :) Thank you.
This is fabulous! All the best!
@harshamv Thank you!
Super cool way to find code - nice job Gaurav!
@primalnick thanks for your support, Nick!!
This is really cool!!!
@satiwick1 Glad you like it! :)